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Some Departments Add Structural Attack Functions to ARFF Rigs

By Alan M. Petrillo

Manufacturers continue to evolve their aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles, with more mobile, more powerful, and more ergonomic rigs.

And, some airport fire departments are having makers build structural firefighting equipment and functions into their ARFF rigs in the interest of making them become more multirole vehicles.

1 E-ONE built this 6×6 ARFF truck for Fort Benning (GA) Crash-Fire-Rescue, including a structural firefighting pump panel, suction plumbing, discharges, and preconnected hoselines. (Photo courtesy of E-ONE.)

Equipped for Structures

R.J. Jones, sales and product manager of U.S. government and airport products for E-ONE, says that very often ARFF vehicles “are becoming multitools for fire departments” that might be charged with protecting more types of hazards instead of only aircraft. “We have built-in dual structural pump panels, one on each side of an ARFF truck, along with electric valves, large-diameter tank fills, suction plumbing, and dual 2½-inch discharges on each side,” Jones says. “Some of these vehicles are becoming hybrids with all of the characteristics of a traditional pumper on the chassis of an ARFF truck with all its specialized equipment.”

One of the drawbacks of adding a structural plumbing package to an ARFF truck, Jones points out, “is that you may have to lose some compartmentation. But, we customize our designs to meet the customer’s requirements and usually can modify the compartmentation or relocate a component to another area of the vehicle.”

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