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ARFF: Developing Proven Tools to Manage and Deal with the Airport Building/Terminal Bomb Threat Or Lone-Wolf Related Emergency, Part 1

By Wesley Long What Is Risk Management in the Context of Transportation Sectors? In an effort to identify potential risks associated with your airport being a potential target of terrorism, we need to understand risk assessment and management as it best pertains to our industry. Identification, analyzation, evaluation, and treatment of risk is the management of risk. When applied appropriately, ...

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New Hayward (CA) Fire Station And Training Center At Airport Get OK

HAYWARD – Firefighters will learn search-and-rescue using an old BART car and a concrete structure that replicates a collapsed parking garage at a future training center at Hayward Executive Airport. A mid-sized aircraft, similar to a Gulfstream jet, also will be available as a prop that can be set alight so firefighters can practice extinguishing blazes and pulling people from ...

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