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ARFF Mutual Aid and Communication Network

By Wesley Long Tetragnatha guatemalensis, a long-jawed orb weaver spider, may hold the secret to how we in the fire service can better understand communication and teamwork through mutual aid. These spiders put aside any potential differences to work together for a common goal and build mega webs through communal and cooperative methods. What does this do exactly? Well, for ...

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ARFF’s Role in Airport Events

By Wesley Long How many of you have had the pleasure of working with “The Beast?” Chances are quite a few, although you may not have realized it! “The Beast” is the presidential limousine, and it spends a good deal of its time on a military cargo plane or on an airport as part of the motorcade necessary to move ...

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The Importance of ARFF Truck Preventive Maintenance

By Wesley Long It was shortly after lunch when the afternoon bank of arriving commercial aircraft overtook the skies above my small and humble airport. In and out they came as I proceeded to go about my duties as the only firefighter on shift that day. I heard it when the last couple of flights were transitioning into our airspace. ...

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