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Where ARFF Meets Tech Rescue

By Carl J. Haddon Hypothetically speaking: It’s a stormy summer night when commercial passenger Flight OU812 comes in for a landing. As it touches down, a rogue gust of crosswind pushes it off the port edge of the runway. In the blink of an eye, this aircraft slides through the grass and through the airport security fence into the adjacent ...

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ARFF’s Role in Airport Events

By Wesley Long How many of you have had the pleasure of working with “The Beast?” Chances are quite a few, although you may not have realized it! “The Beast” is the presidential limousine, and it spends a good deal of its time on a military cargo plane or on an airport as part of the motorcade necessary to move ...

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Ocala (FL) Firefighters to Train with New Aircraft Firefighting Vehicle

OCALA, FL—Ocala (FL) Fire Rescue (OFR) has accepted a new aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) apparatus and will be undergoing vehicular function training.  All members of OFR’s ARFF team—certified annually by the Federal Aviation Administration—are slated to learn how to use the new apparatus’ operation system and deployment of its firefighting agents. Training will include theoretical instruction followed by drills where ...

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The Importance of ARFF Truck Preventive Maintenance

By Wesley Long It was shortly after lunch when the afternoon bank of arriving commercial aircraft overtook the skies above my small and humble airport. In and out they came as I proceeded to go about my duties as the only firefighter on shift that day. I heard it when the last couple of flights were transitioning into our airspace. ...

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ARFF Hazards of Next Gen—Over-the-Wing Exits

By William Greenwood Airline passengers know the benefits of the over-the-wing exit each time they board to fly. The flight attendants do an exceptional job during the preflight safety briefing to explain the location and operation of the aircraft exits. Aircraft rescue firefighters often have been educated on the same things, except our focus is primarily based from looking at ...

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Planning for ARFF and Mutual Aid

BY MICHAEL J. LOPINA THE Lockport Township (IL) Fire District began its aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) program in 2006 as a result of assuming fire protection for the general aviation Lewis-Lockport Airport (KLOT) from the Romeoville (IL) Fire Department in 2003. It is the fourth busiest airport in Illinois with 120,000 takeoffs and landings per year. As the ARFF coordinator, ...

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Developing ARFF SOGs and Response Cards

BY MICHAEL J. LOPINA If your department is responsible for covering an airport in your district, developing standard operating guidelines (SOGs), response plans, and response cards should be on your mind whether your airfield is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 139 indexed or not. As far as aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) is concerned, indexing determines the level of protection needed ...

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ARFF Training: Basic Aircraft Firefighting Hazards

BY JACOB McAFEE I have been responding to aircraft accidents and mishaps my entire career, and I have seen some of the amazing ways aircraft hazards can sneak up on you and challenge you to think outside the box. Have you heard that once an aircraft is on the ground, it’s no different from a structure fire? I don’t agree; ...

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The Legacy of Firefighting Foam

1 ARFF training exercises from the early 2000s

By Philip Paff In Australia, a great deal of attention is on the past use of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) containing perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) such as perfluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluoro-octane sulfonate (PFOS) by municipal, industrial, and defense force agencies. The use and effectiveness of these firefighting foams produced from the 1960s to the early 2000s was good; however, ...

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Realistic ARFF Aircraft Training Tool

Realistic Aircraft Tactical Trainer (RATT)

By Alan M. Petrillo Airport fire departments and municipal fire districts that protect or provide mutual aid to airports often have to train in areas and with setups that don’t easily simulate aircraft fire and rescue work. So an Ocala, Florida, company has designed a tool for aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) training that is realistic and portable—an inflatable representation ...

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