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Orlando (FL) International Airport Fire Rescue HP 100 Aerial Platform

Orlando (FL) International Airport E-ONE HP 100 Platform

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Truck Type: Aerials
Dealer: Hall-Mark RTC
Dealer Phone: 800-524-6072


  • Body: Extruded aluminum
  • Platform:  Extruded aluminum aerial
  • Chassis:  Cyclone II with 67.5-inch CA
  • Engine: Cummins ISX12 500-hp
  • Tank: 300-gallon water; 30-gallon foam cell
  • Axles: Tandem
  • Pump: Hale QMAX 1750 gpm


  • 78,000 lbs. GVWR
  • 260″ wheelbase with formed integral torque box frame
  • 11′-9″ +/-1″ travel height
  • 46′-10″ +/-1″ overall length
  • E-ONE Cyclone® 67.5” extruded aluminum low travel height cab, Hansen lighted LED handrails, severe duty interior, IMMI® 4Front and RollTek air bags, rear engine cover storage cabinet, Bostrom® seating for six with IMMI® SmartDock SCBA brackets
  • Cummins® ISX15 600 HP engine with Jacobs® compression brake and Allison® EVS4000P transmission
  • Dana® I220W 24,000 lb front axle
  • Meritor® 54,000 lb. rear axle with Ridewell® Dynalastic™ suspension
  • 17” disc front and 16.5” x 7” S-cam rear with ABS and G4™ electronic stability control (ESC)
  • 360-amp Niehoff® alternator, five Group 31 1000 CCA batteries and LED headlights
  • 12,000 lb side receivers
  • Alcoa® aluminum wheels, Michelin® tires- 425 front and 12R rear with M&S tread


  • Extruded aluminum body with SideStacker™ hose bed and increased width turntable access staircase
  • Rescue style extended height compartments ahead of rear wheels, enclosed wheel well storage for (16) SCBA bottles, Hansen lighted LED handrails, stokes basket storage
  • Center mounted tunnel with 137’ of ground ladders and 17’ Little Giant® on body
  • 300-gallon UPF Poly III water tank


  • Hale® QMAX 2000 GPM pump with 5″ front intake
  • Double crosslay with back board storage
  • Akron® valves with stainless steel manifold


  • 100’ Platform with 2.5:1 structural safety factor
  • Welded extruded aluminum construction
  • Crisscross under-slung outriggers (15’-6” jack spread)
  • Rated capacity: 1000 lbs. + 305 lbs. equipment
  • Dual TFT electric monitors with VUMs’ and 2.5″ outlets
  • Aerial Information System (AIS), laser jack pad spotting lights, platform leveling in cab, envelope controls, six Whelen M6 LED warning lights, Whelen Pioneer LED lights, Amdor LED ladder climbing lights, Rigid Dually XL lights
  • Breathing air system, lifting eye package, dual rope roller, axe in platform, two pike poles on base, 10′ folding ladder bracket on fly, bracket for 14’ roof ladder and saw box on base and stokes basket receiver


  • Weldon® V-MUX® Multiplex electrical system with dual Vista IV displays, GPS module, Link2 Vehicle Information System and Voyager® backup camera
  • Vehicle Data Recorder with CrewGuard™ occupant detection
  • Whelen® Mini-Freedom IV light bars, MCFLED upper rear warning lights, M6/M2 LED lower level warning lights
  • Federal Signal Q2B siren, Powercall DX5200 siren and two Federal Signal ES100 speakers
  • R∙O•M™ V4 compartment lights, FireCom cab intercom system with remote head, FRC 3-way intercom, four Whelen Pioneer 12 volt scene lights
  • Smart Power® 10KW hydraulic generator, two cord reels with 200’ 10/3 cable, two Whelen Pioneer PCP3 120 volt LED scene lights and two L5-15 twistlock receptacles


  • 5-year multiplex modules and aerial swivel
  • 10-year cab, body, paint, plumbing and aerial waterway
  • 20-year aerial structural
  • Lifetime structural frame and water tank

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