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Oshkosh Airport Products Hits a Monumental Milestone with Delivery of 5,000th ARFF Vehicle

Oshkosh Airport Products has hit a monumental milestone with the production and delivery of the corporation’s 5,000th aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle – representing 60 years of ARFF product development and support for airports and militaries across the world. The 5,000th ARFF vehicle symbolizes a long legacy of Oshkosh Airport Products’ development of the highest performing apparatus and technology in the industry.As a new product introduced in 2017, the Oshkosh® Striker® 8×8 with twin rear-mounted engines was proudly delivered to Denver International Airport in September 2019.“Since 1953, it has taken the work of thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to allow the company to reach the monumental milestone of producing our 5,000th ARFF vehicle,” said Erik Lampe, vice president and general manager of Oshkosh Airport Products. “Our customers are serving a lifesaving mission, and it’s an honor to be a part of a team that is committed to supporting their work by delivering the highest performing products available. We look forward to continuing our legacy of innovation and will keep our passion for earning trust at the forefront of what we do each day.”The delivery of the 5,000th ARFF truck isn’t the first notable milestone for Oshkosh Airport Products. Past highlights include:
  • 1953: The first ARFF vehicle is delivered to the United States Coast Guard.
  • 1968: Development of the MB-5 for the United States Navy propels Oshkosh Airport Products into a position of world leadership in the ARFF industry. Soon after, Oshkosh Airport Products develops a line of civilian ARFF vehicles.
  • 1977: The P-15 ARFF vehicle is developed featuring two 495-HP Detroit Diesel™ V-8 engines and a 6,000-gallon water capacity.
  • 1984: The P-19 ARFF vehicle contract is awarded to Oshkosh Airport Products. The 1,000-gallon ARFF vehicle is air transportable, so it can be stationed anywhere the military needs.
  • 1995: Oshkosh Corporation becomes the first manufacturer of on- and off-road trucks to achieve ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality assurance.
  • 1990s: The Oshkosh TAK-4® Independent Suspension is introduced on the Oshkosh TSeries ARFF vehicles.
  • 2001: The Gen 1 Oshkosh Striker is introduced as the industry evolved to a 30-degree NFPA 414 tilt table requirement.
  • 2011: Oshkosh Airport Products launches the Gen 2 Striker with Command Zone®.
  • 2017: The Oshkosh Striker 8×8 is developed, featuring the option to incorporate twin rear-mounted engines, and ability to accelerate to 50 miles per hour in 20 seconds with 4,500 gallons of water.
“We have manufactured ARFF vehicles longer than any other company in the United States and all of our pioneering technologies have been developed in-house,” said Jack Bermingham, product manager for Oshkosh Airport Products. “The production and delivery of our 5,000th ARFF truck demonstrate our devotion to technology, innovation, and providing options that give airport firefighters the ability to improve their capabilities and response times.”For more information, visit www.oshkoshairport.com.

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