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ARFF Training: Basic Aircraft Firefighting Hazards

  BY JACOB McAFEE I have been responding to aircraft accidents and mishaps my entire career, and I have seen some of the amazing ways aircraft hazards can sneak up on you and challenge you to think outside the box. Have you heard that once an aircraft is on the ground, it’s no different from a structure fire? I don’t ...

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Latest ARFF Apparatus Designs Stress Safety, Quick Attack

Alan M. Petrillo Makers of aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) apparatus are continually improving their equipment, upgrading their units’ ease of use, adding safety features and turrets, increasing fire suppression capabilities, and making more nimble vehicles. ARFF Primer The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) developed ARFF vehicle requirements (Class 1 through 5) using National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 414, Standard for ...

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Fire Suppression in the ARFF World: What Can We Learn?

Grady North   The Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) may be associated by many with municipal or wildland firefighting, but many of our member companies also produce airport rescue fire fighting (ARFF) apparatus, both for domestic and international markets.   Although there are several firefighting methods unique to ARFF situations, there are also many similarities. Here is an overview of ...

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Protecting Airports with New ARFF Designs and Equipment

By Alan M. Petrillo   Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle manufacturers have made great strides in ARFF vehicle design and operation in an effort to give firefighters greater fire knockdown power, more nimble vehicles that are more ergonomically friendly to operators, and rigs that require fewer personnel to operate them. R.J. Jones, sales and product manager for United States ...

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New and Refined ARFF Truck Designs

By Alan M. Petrillo Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) trucks have grown in size and equipment-carrying power over the years. ARFF manufacturers have come out with new designs to meet customer demand and refined existing designs to be able to do more within the same truck footprint. E-ONE E-ONE makes two models of its Titan Force™ ARFF vehicles: 4×4 and ...

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Some Departments Add Structural Attack Functions to ARFF Rigs

By Alan M. Petrillo Manufacturers continue to evolve their aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles, with more mobile, more powerful, and more ergonomic rigs. And, some airport fire departments are having makers build structural firefighting equipment and functions into their ARFF rigs in the interest of making them become more multirole vehicles. Equipped for Structures R.J. Jones, sales and product ...

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E-ONE Delivers 6×6 Titan Force™ ARFF Rig to Vinnell Arabia

OCALA, FL—REV Group, a $2+ billion manufacturer of industry-leading motor vehicle brands announces the delivery of an E-ONE P711 6×6 Titan Force™ aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicle to Vinnell Arabia.  E-ONE designed and manufactured the ARFF fire apparatus that includes:  E-ONE all-wheel-drive chassis with pump and roll. E-ONE extruded aluminum roll cage designed cab. Cummins QSX 15 engine rated at ...

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E-ONE Introduces the New Titan 4×4 ARFF Truck


OCALA, FL—E-ONE has announced its new TITAN® 4×4 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle, as the first configuration in a completely new line of ARFF products. The new TITAN® series has an aggressive stance with innovative styling features and offers performance in several key measurable categories such as acceleration, braking, dynamic stability, and pumping performance. The E-ONE TITAN® 4×4 provides: ...

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Sikorsky ARFF

Sikorsky Aircraft E-ONE Titan 6 × 6

E-ONE delivers a Titan Force 6 × 6 ARFF to the Sikorsky Aircraft Fire Department By Bob Vaccaro At its sprawling plant in Stratford, Connecticut, Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky Aircraft builds helicopters for all four branches of the military and the United States Coast Guard. It is currently under contract to build two Fire Hawk Helicopters for the Los Angeles County (CA) ...

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