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How Bad Can It Be, Chief?

By William Greenwood Has your ARFF Department readied personnel for the possibility of a cargo hold fire? Everyday when I come to work, I want my personnel to be operationally ready to respond. With the constant demand to meet minimum training requirements, the rapid advancements of technology can outrun the current training curriculums as set forth by some local jurisdictions. ...

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E-ONE Supplies U.S. Navy with Ecologic Testing Systems

  OCALA, FL—E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group and a manufacturer of fire apparatus, has initiated work with the U.S. Navy to provide patented ECOLOGIC® mobile cart foam test systems for use with its fleet of ARFF vehicles. Contracting with Darley Defense through the Tailored Logistics Support Program, this technology will allow the U.S. Navy to test its ARFF fleet’s ...

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Advantages of High Reach Extendable Turrets on ARFF Rigs

 By Alan M. Petrillo A high reach extendable turret (HRET) on an aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) truck offers a number of advantages to fire personnel in confronting fire situations, both on and off airport runways. These include greater accessibility to the fire, allowing different angles of attack, the ability to use a piercing nozzle, and a greater degree of ...

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The Emergency Response Guidebook for ARFF Responders

 By William Greenwood The 2016 US DOT (Emergency Response Guide) ERG is a guidebook that is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for all first responders. The commonly found orange paperback book is designed to be used during the initial phase (first 30 minutes) of a dangerous goods or hazardous materials incident. It is produced by the United States ...

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Considerations for ARFF Operations at Aircraft Engine Fires

By William Greenwood To better suppress an aircraft engine fire, the aircraft rescue firefighter must have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of an engine. The reason for this need is because with the limited amount of extinguishing agent carried on ARFF vehicles, it is imperative that when we commit to an incident that our agent of choice be the ...

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better in ARFF: Effective Use of the Penetrating Nozzle

By William Greenwood This month I wanted to review some basic ARFF tactics regarding combating small hidden compartmentalized fires. Compartmentalized fires in the ARFF industry can range from fires involving larger cargo holds and cargo shipping containers to the smaller and limited access areas of the interior lavatory, cabinets, food service galley, and many other hidden void spaces within the ...

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